Cedar log houses from a large diameter log

Cedar Log houses

Currently, with the advent of gadgets and snippets into our lives, we began to strive for natural environment. We try to choose natural food, and we want to live (build a house) on the ground. Today log houses from a log become more and more popular. Modern technologies of do allow the construction of a wooden house to be made warm and, above all, natural and eco-friendly!

We are in Siberia and have the opportunity to build you a modern home from best Siberian cedar logs, known for its beneficial properties!

Below we briefly describe the differences between cedar chopped houses.

Handcrafted log houses from cedar

The working platform of the company Bear Log - houses of cedar in Siberia

The hand crafting of a house means that the main tools for manufacturing of the house will be human hands — each log in a wooden house in notches and tips is carefully adjusted to the others individually. For logs used personal tools of a craftsman, it is a log scriber, chainsaw, adze. Such houses have a bright individual style. Even two houses built on the same project, if you put them side by side will be different.

Bearloghomes builds are homes different methods:

  • from a log;
  • from the lafet;
  • from massive timber.

Look which technologies build houses BearLogHomes

Cedar log houses

During logbuildin all breHouse made of hand-made cedar logsDuring logbuildin all cedar logs in a wooden house are left in a natural form - wild. The bark is only removed from the logs and the log is planed.

The cedar log does not round out! In the log house you can see the difference in diameter between the thin and thick end in each log.

During the felling of the log house - all the joints between the logs - the groove, the bowl, the junction are drawn with a carpenter's line, which allows to make such a joint between the logs absolutely accurate and dense.

This technology allows you to cut houses from cedar logs of large diameter, as they do not use machines for mechanical processing. And our selected cedar logs can reach a diameter of more than a meter!

Norwegian style wooden Houses from cedar

Norwegian style wooden Houses from cedarThe lafet (double bar) is when two opposite sides are sawed off from a cedar log using of a sawmill.

The technology of building a house of logbuilding from lafet is called the Norwegian house. The walls in the house of the lap top are obtained flat, both outside and inside.

The joints in the tips and notches between the logs are made and adjusted individually, according to the technology of handcrafted log home.

Cedar timber houses

A timber is a log sawn at the sawmillHouse of cedar. Beam section 150 * 300A timber is a log sawn at the sawmill. Houses from a timber, probably the most popular houses in Russia. Of the cedar, of course less, due to the remoteness of growth. But the Bear Log Homes, is ready to "fix" this unfair situation ..

We are ready to build you an exclusive cedar timber house. Huge cedar logs (up to a meter in diameter) and technological equipment allow us to build houses from a timber section - for example, 300 * 300 mm, or 400 * 400 mm.

A house from such a big cedar bar will be warm in winter and cool in summer, and you will have the opportunity to express your individuality!

The houses from such a large timber, builded in the "Tyrolean notch" - are the European analogue of Russian "paw".

Also you can build houses using timber frame technology from a cedar timber. This is when the frame of the future house is built from a timber - Posts and horizontal and inclined beams fixed between each other. In the future, the voids between the posts and beams, where the walls are filled with materials in accordance with the design and construction solutions


Turnkey Cedar wooden Houses

Building a house is an important and awesome moment. The BearLoghomes Company builds cedar houses anywhere in Russia. From the creation of an architectural project to the moment when the family cat first finds its corner in your new wooden home!

Depending on your wishes, you can buy a cedar house in following conditions:

  • Log cabin loaded in the truck at our Work Yard in Khakassia (Russia);
  • log cabin re-built on your foundation anywhere in Russia or the World;
  • house "under the roof." The house with the roofing system;
  • Cedar house "turnkey" !!!