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Why is it worth to order a chopped cedar house from the company "Medvezhiy log - good houses from cedar"

Choose the company "Bear Log Homes" if you plan to build a log house or a bath house of cedar logs

Because we have a large choice of logs for cutting logs from Siberian pine (Russian Cedar)

Large selection of logs for logging

We live and work in Siberia, there - where the cedar grows. Therefore, we have the opportunity to choose the best logs for building your log cabin from Siberian cedar. This is especially noticeable when buildings log houses in a wild style, with different lengths of releases and when constructing houses using Post & Beam technology (beam and column construction), where a lot of beams and pillars are required with "specific", pronounced feathery releases.

Also, we can procure for your cedar house or logs a non-standard length log up to 12 meters.

We build homes and cabins from logs of large diameter from 40 cm and higher.

Because we have a build your cedar house by a team of professionals

For 7 years of fruitful work, we have formed professional team of specialists in wooden housing construction. Architects and designers, scrapers and baits - every employee in the company Bear Log is a responsible and experienced worker, as well as a highly qualified specialist for which chopped cedar houses work everyday.

We got a lot of experience and got our hands on building more 70 baths and cedar houses in different styles for different technologies.

We have all types (technologies) building of log houses.

Because we build log homes according to the standards of the International Log Building Association.

With 2013, we actively apply the techniques andCanadian Standards standards recommended by the International Association of Wooden Housing (ILBA) for the construction of wooden log houses.

Since that time, according to 2015, we have been subcontracted to the world leader in wooden house building by the Canadian company Pioneer Log Homes of BC. They built a chopped house of Canadian cedar in Moscow with an area of ​​more than 5000 m2. For 3 years of joint work with the company Pioneer log home, we thoroughly studied the technology of construction of large houses with chopped houses.

Because we have the most well-equipped work yard for build log cabins in Russia

Working plane of the company Bear logThe area of ​​theour work yard for Bear Log Homes is more than 5-hectares.


  • Two tower cranes with a firing radius of 45 m and 35 meters long.
  • Two crane beams 18 meters wide and a length of 42 meters each.
  • Indoor workshop more than 1 500 m2

The working areas are allowed to build up to 10 log houses simultaneously.

The team of the home builder company Bear Log Homes. At the work yard in Siberia.

The team of the company "Bear Log Homes- Good houses from Cedar".

"Bear Log Homes" - the established team of 20-25 people, consisting of several teams of experienced carpenters who have a rich experience of buiding (not one dozen) of wooden houses any handcrafting technology - Russian notch, Canadian notch, Canadian diamond notch, Norwegian gun carriage and Post and Beam


Murugov Sergey

The founder of the company "Bear log

Ladyyshev Vasily

Brigadier rubbers


Bazarev Alexander

Brigadier rubbers

Andiyanov Edik

Brigadier rubbers


Mazhaev Roman

Wood Threading Wizard

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Ustinovich Marina



Murugova Maria

Representative of the company in St. Petersburg

Find out why people choose

company Bear Log Homes

for building a log house?

The company "Bear log Homes" is not only highly skilled carpenters, but also people whose work is not visible, but without which it is impossible to build a house for you - berms, planers, tractor operators, crane operators, watchmen and administrators. my job.

Planer on the site Bear log - A small meeting at the production base of the Bear Log in Sayanogorsk
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Handrafted log homes in different styles.

Handcrafting notch technology.

In log house building, there are two main handcrafted technologies - notch, it is divided into Norvegian (saddle and Russian notch, as well a)s frame and log technology, the so-called Post and Beam, from the English words Post and Beam (pillar and beam). Thanks to hand ctrafted logs, the highest quality is achieved, which is impossible to obtain when processing logs by other methods. It is during manual processing that the log perfectly preserves its qualities - heat, durability, natural beauty and resistance to environmental influences. The technology of manual cutting affects not only the style and appearance, but also the thermal conductivity and manufacturability of the chopped log building. The ability to use different materials for finishing and building a house. We will try to explain to you what is the difference.

1. Log cabin in notch

Cutting the log into the bowl is the most common type of felling. The walls in this case consist of logs arranged horizontally. In the places of connection or crossing of walls (cuts) during cutting, a bowl is cut in a log. Cutting technology can be used according to Russian technology with a round bowl or Canadian log cabin can be used, which is also divided into two types - the traditional Canadian or diamond bowl.

Log cabin in a Russian notch

Building a log cabin in the Russian round notch - long, the most common type of cutting in Russia. In a cross, all the logs and notches have a round shape.

log cabin cutting in the Russian bowl

Disadvantages of the technology of logging cabins in the Russian notch.

In the process of desiccation logs decrease in size and in the corner joints of logs, crevices are formed, which in size the larger the thicker the diameter of the log. For example, if you use logs with a diameter of 30 cm in the logs, then gaps around 7-x mm can be formed, and if the log is at 40 cm, the slots can be up to 10-x mm.

Advantages of building log house in the Russian notch.

This type of felling is not in vain caught on in cold Russia. Usually the width of the groove in the log (thermal lock) is about half the diameter of the log.

Canadian notch log cabin

Canadian log cabin is the most logical technology in wooden housing construction using logs with a diameter of 36 cm or more.

The main advantage in the Canadian bowl during the cutting of the corner joint on top of the log is made by the cracks, which give the log in the place of cutting not a round but a saddle shape. Due to this, the upper log in the process of shrinkage does not form a gap in the cross-over, but slips along the made cracks downwards and prevents the appearance of cracks between the logs.

Log cabin in a traditional Canadian notch

In the felling in the log, the upper cracks are made to improve the shrinkage processes.

Cutting logs in a Canadian bowl
Advantages of the log cutting technology in the Canadian bowl.

The processes of shrinking the log house for the tenants pass more imperceptibly.

Cutting logs in the Canadian bowl.

In the formation of cracks, due to which in the Canadian bowl the drying process more favorably passes, the width of the thermal groove between the logs decreases. When cutting logs in a Canadian bowl of logs 30 cm, the width of the groove will be about 10 cm, and from a log with a diameter of 40 cm, about 15 cm.

Cutting logs into a Canadian diamond bowl

A wooden house or a sauna cut into a diamond canadian bowl is considered aerobatics. Elegant appearance is achieved not only by the upper cracks in the overpass, but also by the lower ones. Thanks to the multiple intersection of facets (cracks) in the curb, this type of felling got its name - diamond.

Cutting logs into a Canadian diamond bowl

Advantages of technology of cutting log houses in a diamond Canadian bowl.

The same as the traditional Canadian bowl - favorable processes for logging in the period of shrinkage of logs.

Disadvantages of cutting logs in a diamond Canadian bowl.

Slight width of the heat groove. It can be even narrower than the house cut down in a traditional Canadian bowl because the log has cracks from above and below the log. We recommend building houses in a Canadian diamond bowl made of logs with a diameter of at least 46 cm.

2. Cutting logging technology Post and Beam (Post and Beam)

Technology of cutting Post and Bim allows you to use a variety of materials for filling walls - horizontal logs without cuts, stone, glass. As a rule, frame walls with lining of various types of skin board are made - log siding, shingles, lumber imitation or unedged boards. Also on the frame wall, you can easily lay the tile or paste wallpaper. Log frame houses allow you to use in the design of completely different finishing and building materials.

Post & beam log cutting

Advantages of logging Post and Beam
The frame-and-log structure is very stable and practically does not shrink.
Disadvantages of logging by Post & Beam technology

The disadvantage of the frame-beam structure can be filling the walls with a chopped log. The height of the walls and beams in the Post & Beam houses remains unchanged for a while, while the chopped walls will shrink.

More information on the page construction of the house Post and Beam

Log cabin in a hybrid style.

Everything is very simple and understandable! First floor chopped, attic floor Post and Bim, log rafters and roof angle 33,5 degree - Characteristic Canadian style!

Hybrid logging styleAdvantages of building a frame in a hybrid style

If you have a complex (not a two-slopes roof), then it is not possible to use handcrafted pediments. The rafters system rigidly fastened by the crate, counter crate, roofing cover will not allow the gables located perpendicular to each other during the shrinkage to change the angle of the roof slope by using a traditional razor using traditional sliding supports for rafters. On the pediments between the logs, slots equal to the value of the log's service are necessarily formed.

Disadvantages of building a log house in a hybrid style


The rich experience and knowledge of the carpenters of the Bear Log Homes company allows you to build a wooden house in any style and type of notches

Find out why people choose the company Bear Log Homes for the building of a handcrafted log homes ?

Russian log cabin kits

Log homes and cabins from Russia

We are lucky to live and work in one of the most remarkable places in Siberia - the Republic of Khakassia.

There are few places where still big and clear skies are today. Also, there is a great number of mountain rivers and streams from which we drink water without fear. Besides, there are a lot of different species of fish in our rivers, such as grayling and trout; valuable Siberian larch and cedar in virgin taiga; wild bears and hermits conservatives, who lives in this taiga. Minutes of Siberians Travel to the unique salt lakes Shira and Bele to relax and improve their health!

Such habitat creates a special attitude to work. When you hack or rasp cedar and larch - you get closer to nature and certainly pure spirit with every touch by hands to nature, with every breath aroma of resin.

Here in this atmosphere we are ready to build you Siberian log cabin from a logs of siberian cedar and larch species growing in taiga - lungs of our planets!

Russian wooden houses

Now we have own 55 000 m2 work yard, two cranes and build in one time 10-15 log homes or cabin from Siberian pine (Russian cedar) and Siberian larch. Bear Log Homes's high skilled craftsman can build for your wooden log homes in any type of notch - Russian or Norvegian notch, canadian diamand notch, Post and beam or Timber frame homes.

You can see same of Russian wooden houses which Bear log homes built.

Russian cabin

Wooden Russian cabin from the Siberian company and the manufacturer are inexpensive, strong and reliable. The cabin'll serve you and your children for hundred years! You can make sure of this by visiting Sayanogorsk.

Timber kings Russia house

timber king Russian house

In 2013-2015 years BearLogHomes companу had a unique opportunity to participate in the construction of 6 000 m2 log house in Moscow (show HGTV Timber kings Russia house) in a subcontract with the leader of the building log homes Pioneer Log Homes of BC. The experience gained in working together with the International Log Builder Association (ILBA),

If you want to buy russian log cabin, please fill request

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