The team of the home builder company Bear Log Homes. At the work yard in Siberia.

The team of the company "Bear Log Homes- Good houses from Cedar".

"Bear Log Homes" - the established team of 20-25 people, consisting of several teams of experienced carpenters who have a rich experience of buiding (not one dozen) of wooden houses any handcrafting technology - Russian notch, Canadian notch, Canadian diamond notch, Norwegian gun carriage and Post and Beam


Murugov Sergey

The founder of the company "Bear Log Homes"

Gridnev Alexander

Co-founder of the company "Bear Log"

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Wigandas Katauskas

Head of Sales in the Far Abroad

Ladyyshev Vasily

Brigadier rubbers


Bazarev Alexander

Brigadier rubbers

Andiyanov Edik

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Mazhaev Roman

Wood Threading Wizard

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Ustinovich Marina



Murugova Maria

Representative of the company in St. Petersburg

Find out why people choose

company Bear Log Homes

for building a log house?

The company "Bear log Homes" is not only highly skilled carpenters, but also people whose work is not visible, but without which it is impossible to build a house for you - berms, planers, tractor operators, crane operators, watchmen and administrators. my job.

Planer on the site Bear log - A small meeting at the production base of the Bear Log in Sayanogorsk
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