Houses made of logs

An old house made of logs is the strongest and most reliable place to live.

In addition, the tree is the most environmentally friendly building material. The peasants who built houses for their families coped with this work even without nails! It is true - because the technology of building a wooden house can do only wood and moss, without using additional materials.

The best wooden houses and baths are exactly chopped.

In this house it is always easy to breathe, because pleasant cedar scents are also curative. A large log will fill the role of a reliable heat and soundproof, but a natural wall.

The team "Bear's Log" honors the traditions of wooden housing construction and will gladly realize your dream of a family country house in reality!

Dealers of the company Medvezhy log good houses from cedarHomes building company Bear Log Homes, could not work steadily and successfully, if it did not rely on its partners located throughout Russia. Dealers of our company have all the necessary skills to build wooden houses from logs in turn in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and other cities.

If you want to build a wooden log house, contact the dealers of our company boldly.

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Products from cedar

Products from cedar and larch from the company "Medvezhiy log"

The company "Medvezhy Log" is engaged in the construction of wooden houses or a cedar bath under the key. To carry out the whole complex of works not only of construction works with a crockery, foundations or a roof, but also to finish the premises with the best finishing materials made of Siberian woods - cedar and larch.

We will create three-dimensional carving objects and designs in your wooden house.

The most common thing - a table, chair, door or clypeus on the window can be an exclusive, if our masters form it with a three-dimensional thread.