Garden paths, paths and decks of Siberian larch

Wooden garden paths from logs of Siberian larch

To equip the paths, paths and various types of decking in your country house or plot, it is possible, as it is impossible, to approach the natural material-spili from the larch log. They represent a saw logs of Siberian larch, as a rule 5-10 cm, according to your wish of any thickness, different in diameter. With the help of which you can independently lay out a garden path or a platform of any shape and size.

The timber of Siberian larch is very dense, and has a high resistance to natural influences (moisture and sun).

Garden paths from Siberian larch own hands

For the construction of such a wooden track you will need:

  • Dig out the ground on the half-bayonet of the shovel in the place where the track is laid;
  • lay waterproofing - ruberoid or polyethylene film in the place of laying the path;
  • lay in a single plane "artistically" spill from a log of Siberian larch, preferably using a level;
  • fill the voids between the forces of sand or concrete, if you plan not to change the location of the path.

Photos of the garden path

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