Wooden carved doors

Wooden carved doors and trim for the house and bath

Naturally, a wooden house requires wooden doors. And if the house is special - chopped from cedar or larch, then the doors should be wooden and special.

We can make any doors for your house or bath - entrance, interior, bath. The wooden door can be made of cedar, larch or pine at your discretion. We produce doors with a thickness of door leaf up to 15 see, width of the box on request.

Carved doors

A special refinement will give the door a picture made in the form of relief carving on the door leaf and casing. Depth of the picture in the carved doors to 3-x centimeters.

Carved platbands

Carved platbands can be a continuation of the drawing put on the door or can be independent. Also we make carved clypeus on windows

Photo of carved doors

Drawing on a wooden door can be taken from the stories of Russian fairy tales, or be a copy of your favorite painting, or maybe your photo or a photo of your favorite animal.

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