Wooden tiles from Siberian larch,

Siberian larch is the best material for the production of wooden tiles (shingle, shingle).

deciduous shingles, shingles, larch shinglesWooden tile has a long history. In Europe, a wooden roof is often used in the Alps. It is the best roofing material for durability.

A shingle made of high-quality Siberian larch wood is made by splitting the wooden chocks along the fibers to plates long from 20 to 80 cm. Due to the split, the surface of the plates turns out to be "ribbed" and the water drains down these ribs during the rain.

Wooden roof is appreciated due to durability (the most durable roof), ecological cleanliness and a rather original kind.


The price for a wooden shingle, shingle

The price of shingles depends on the length and quality.

All our products comply with the German quality standard DIN 68119.

Number of elements

Number of pog. m

Amount m2

price, rub)
Radial split

In the package (riot)

Per packing


Length, cm Top
20 6-7 2-3 90-100 9,0 0,8 1200
30 8-9 3-4 90-100 9,0 0,8 1200
40 9-10 5-7 80-90 8,0 1 1500
50 10-11 5-7 63-70 6,3 1 1500

Mixed split

60 14-16 9-16 28 series 120 * 80 33,6 *** 1600
80 14-16 10-16 41 row 120 * 60 49,2 *** 2200


Advantages of wooden roof tiles from larch

wooden roof from Siberian larchA tile made of larch has such useful properties as durability and frost resistance. Thanks to one of its main properties, made of wood, it can "breathe" and it is thanks to this that no condensation is created under it.

With rain, hail and strong gusts of winds, it does not make noise, and most importantly - gives the house a unique, incomparable and individual appearance.

A wooden roof from shingles can be laid on gently sloping roofs, the angle of which is from 18 degrees. Shingle perfectly copes with water flows during the rain, and also does not prohibit in the spring under melting snow, in contrast to the reed roof.


Mounting of chinaware, shingles

installation of roofing from wooden shingles, shindel, shingles, shinglesInstallation of shingles is usually made in three layers, in strict accordance with the technology. Qualitatively mount the roof of the shingles will be able to specialists who have already done these works more than once. Our experience allows us to make the installation of the roof in any complexity and anywhere in Russia.

The cost of installation of roofing from shingles, shingle or shingles is approximately 600 rub / m2. To determine the exact cost of work, you need to provide information about your roof.

production of roof tiles

Production of shingles

Cleaving chocks from the Siberian larch for the production of shanks for shingles

We specialize in the production of shingles premium class length 60,80,100 see. Unfortunately, this process is very difficult to automate today, only manual labor that requires strong man's hands is used. Similarly, our ancestors in Europe did, but in our country now wooden roofs are made.

Raw material - a log of larch, for the production of shingles is selected carefully, eliminates the curvilayer and the presence of knots on the log. The larger the diameter of the larch log, the more wide and high-quality shingles from it will come out. From logs it is necessary to saw off with a powerful saw the chock of the necessary length. Chorka in turn splits into huge logs of a certain shape.

Next, using a special wide and thin splitting cleaver from this log, tear off (as the name implies), as wide plates as possible, that is, a stock for your future wooden shingles - shingles and chindels.

Cleaving, tearing off a wide plate - shanks for shingles Production of blanks for the production of shingles

In the future, we smooth the edges from both sides of the workpiece, we protrude along the length and, if necessary, we plan one of the sides.

After we get the finished roofing material from the workpiece - shingles, we sort it and pack it into bags.

Shankel made of Siberian larch wood


facade made of chindel, shingle

In northern America shingles are produced from red and yellow cedar (we do not grow them) and can even "paint" with shingles. On the picture guys from Alaska write pictures of shingles.

Wooden shingles from Siberian larch on the facade

Wooden shingles from Siberian larch on the facade

Wooden shingles from Siberian larch on the facade

Our shingle has a more uniform color, but the facade and roof because of this look not less interesting.

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