The project of the chopped bath from cedar "Bear corner"

The project of the chopped bath from cedar "Bear corner"

Bath from cedar "Bear's corner" is an elite project of a bath. The bath, due to its kind, quality and properties, owes its bear lair, which helps the rough bear survive the severe Siberian winter. Large or even huge cedar logs from 40, 50, 60, 70 cm or even more used in log cabin cutting give a special unique look to the bathhouse itself and the atmosphere of people in such a bath. Bath "Bear's corner" is our piece of Siberian taiga on your site.


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Characteristics of a log cabin from a cedar "Bear corner"

timber for log house Siberian cedar
diameter of a cedar log 60 см
logging technology Russian bowl
built-up area 12 x12 meters
log transport (number of cars) 2 Flight

You can choose one of several options for buying baths in the company Bear Log

in car

Included in the price

  • production of logs (work and materials);
  • marking the log before loading;
  • loading of logging elements into transport vehicles to the foundations of the Customer.
on the foundation

The price includes:

  • works and materials included in the "In the car" package;
  • work and sawn timber for the arrangement of "independent sexes";
  • assembly of the log house on the foundations of the customer;
  • metal fasteners;
  • interventure heater;
under the roof

The price includes:

  • Works and materials included in the "On the foundation"
  • work and sawn timber for the construction of a rafter system

In the company "Bear Log - good houses from cedar" can take responsibility and build a house and a bath "turnkey". The cost will largely depend on the installation of foundations, the choice of finishing materials for floors and roofing, as well as equipment for life support.

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