Bath houses from cedar

Bath houses from cedar

Siberian Pine or Larch Bath House

Any bath houses built of siberian logs will be special. This is because the Siberian pine (Russian Cedar) grows only in Siberia`s mount. And we have not yet polluted nature, clean air and we drink raw water directly from our rivers and streams, which we have a great many.

There are a lot of sauna`s houses projects. Both big and small. Someone needs a bath of cedar (Siberian Pine) only in the summer sometimes at the country house on weekends with family or children to sit. Someone wants to improve their health in a bath of ked. We are in the company of Bear Log Homes - Good houses from cedar are ready for build you any bath house. It is important for us to perform our work in a qualitative way so that a crafting from a cedar log would be desirable and useful for you!

Price of log cabin

price of logs from cedar

The price of a cedar log homes or cabin

To find out the price of a house from cedar (Siberian Pine), it is necessary to plus several components:

  1. Building of log cabin in Siberia
  2. Loaded and delivered log cabin from Siberia to your home plases.
  3. Rebult the log cabin on the your basement.
  4. Installation of the roof systems
  5. General and finishing work.

These are generalized sections sum from which the price of the log house on your place.

It does not matter for us whether you are building a lod homes, a bath house or a restaurant. The price of a bath from a cedar or any structure calculating equally.

For today we have the following rates:

Houses hand crafted of big diameters logs

Houses made of cedar of large diameter

The building of a log houses with a large diameter logs of hand crafted of our advantage!

The house built of logs of large diameter crafting is exclusive and unique, as well as an opportunity to express your feelings and possibilities! Only Siberian Pine or Larch from Siberia can satisfy the needs of real connoisseurs of life!

Cedar (Siberian Pine) wood has not only unique healing properties, but also reaches a gigantic size, to which other types of wood can not be more growing..

Hand crafting log cabin of large logs

For building unique wooden houses From the cedar of manual logging of large logs, extensive experience and special skills and knowledge are needed, as well as special tools and equipment that are not used in the daily work of crafting large logs.

Log houses crafted from cedar (Siberian pine) logs

House made of cedar and larch

Houses made of cedar and larch hand-carved.

Construction of a house made of cedar or larch is associated with two important factors - time and money. When building a house for manual cutting, the construction company Bear Log - Wooden houses from cedar will help you at every step of the way, using your rich experience of building wooden log houses.

Houses made of stone pine cedar mMany people begin the second, as a country house, when there is already a basic accommodation in the center of the city. Nevertheless, in most people, the possibility of building a wooden house occurs once in a lifetime. Use this unique chance is necessary on 100%.

We live and cut log houses and bathhouses in Siberia, where taiga cedar and Siberian larch grows. We have the opportunity to choose logs, so we select the logs for the log house of your house and baths with special care and take only the best.

About the company "Bear Log Homes - Good houses from Cedar"

Building of log home with the company "Bear Log Homes"

"Bear log homes - Good houses from Cedar" - a homes building company dealing the forest market since 2006 year. The building of log houses from Cedar is a pleasure for us because we love this business and are engaged in logging of log houses professionally, owning all Hand crafting technicians. Each new log house for us - an event, and all the logs in it are special. We harvesting the forest ourselves and we will build for you a handcrafted log houmes, bath houses or cabins selecting the best logs for a log shells.

We are very lucky, because we live and work in one of the most remarkable places in Siberia - the Republic of Khakassia.