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Houses made of cedar large diameter. We have experience and cutting technique!

House of large logs. Post and Beam Technology

Building a house of large diameter cedar is our advantage.

A house made of large-diameter logs is uniquely exclusive and unique, as well as an option to express your feelings and abilities! Only cedar from Siberia can meet the needs of true connoisseurs of life!

The rich taiga of Siberia gives us the opportunity to chop up houses made of large cedar, or even a huge diameter log of larch, Angarsk pine or cedar. Cedar has not only unique healing properties, but also reaches a gigantic size, to which other breeds can not be expensive.

Large diameter log houses

For cutting unique wooden house from carpenters Requires extensive experience and special skills and knowledge. Special tools and equipment that are not used in everyday work by a regular hacker. And of course, a large diameter cedar log house, of course, cannot be cut down without such a large log!

Construction of wooden houses from a log.

Construction of houses made from cedar logs in the company of the Bear Log

Hand crafted log houses.

When building a hand-craft house, Bearloghomes Company - Wooden houses made of cedar will help you every step of the way, using your extensive experience in the construction of wooden houses.

Hand-made houses mMany people begin the second, as a country house, when there is already a basic accommodation in the center of the city. Nevertheless, in most people, the possibility of building a wooden house occurs once in a lifetime. Use this unique chance is necessary on 100%.

We live and build log cabins and bathhouses in Siberia, where taiga cedar and Siberian larch grows. We have the opportunity to choose logs, so we select the logs for the log house of your house and baths with special care and take only the best.

Bath of cedar. From a large diameter log from 50, see

Bath from cedar from a log from 60 cm chopped into a Russian bowl

Bath of cedar. For true lovers of steam!

Any bath houses built of siberian logs will be special. This is because the Siberian pine (Russian Cedar) grows only in Siberia`s mount. And we have not yet polluted nature, clean air and we drink raw water directly from our rivers and streams, which we have a great many.

There are so many bath projects. Both big and small. Someone needs a bath of cedar only in the summer, sometimes at a summer cottage on weekends with a family or guys to sit. Someone wants to improve their health in a bath of sneakers. We in the company Bear Log are ready for you to cut down any bath. It is important for us to do our job with high quality so that the cedar bath is desirable and useful for you!