Log cabin kits from Russia

Russian log cabin from Siberian manufacturer

Russian log cabin cabin from Siberian manufacturer

We are lucky to live and work in one of the most remarkable places in Siberia - the Republic of Khakassia.

There are few places where still big and clear skies are today. Also, there is a great number of mountain rivers and streams from which we drink water without fear. Besides, there are a lot of different species of fish in our rivers, such as grayling and trout; valuable Siberian larch and cedar in virgin taiga; wild bears and hermits conservatives, who lives in this taiga. Minutes of Siberians Travel to the unique salt lakes Shira and Bele to relax and improve their health!

Such habitat creates a special attitude to work. When you hack or rasp cedar and larch - you get closer to nature and certainly pure spirit with every touch by hands to nature, with every breath aroma of resin.

Cabin logs of Siberian Cedar and Larch species lungs of our planet!

Russian wooden houses

Now we have own 55 000 m2 work yard, two cranes and build in one time 10-15 log homes or cabin from Siberian pine (Russian cedar) and Siberian larch. Bear Log Homes's high skilled craftsman can build for your wooden log homes in any type of notch - Post or beam, diamand notch, Post or beam or Timber frame homes.

You can see same of Russian wooden houses which Bear log homes built.

Russian cabin

Wooden Russian cabin from the Siberian company are inexpensive, strong and reliable. The cabin'll serve you and your children for hundred years! You can make sure of this by visiting Sayanogorsk.

Timber kings Russia house

Pioneer log homes in Moscow

In 2013-2015 years BearLogHomes companу had a unique opportunity to participate in the construction of 6 000 m2 log house in Moscow (show HGTV Timber kings Russia house) building log homes - company Pioneer Log Homes of BC. In the case of the International Log Builder Association (ILBA),

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