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Log cabin to order from the company "Bear Log"

Log cabins

Log cabin to orderOwn home from environmentally friendly materials, which will be built far from the city, are interested owners of apartments and those who choose this option as the main housing. A log cabin to order is an opportunity to have a family nest. This is what they always wanted: choose the number of floors, layout, number of rooms, make a garage and a balcony, a terrace for outdoor gatherings.

Large kitchen, high ceilings, second light, panoramic windows and other features that can rarely be embodied in a city apartment are suitable for custom-made log cabins. Even on a relatively small plot, rationally using every square meter, you can build a cozy house with all the necessary rooms.

We understand customers who are interested in building a high-quality country house, because such a serious decision most people take once in a lifetime. Fellings from Canadian and Siberian cedar to order - an expensive option for the price. But such an eco-friendly material belongs to the category of elite, the houses from it will be durable and reliable. From the point of view of architecture and planning, the finished result will fully meet your expectations.

The advantages of cedar houses

All costs for custom-made log houses at loyal prices that our company guarantees to customers will be justified by the external and internal attractiveness of the finished building and its outstanding performance characteristics.

  • Cedar will be great to keep warm, create noise insulation.
  • Insects do not threaten the wood, because it contains a lot of essential oils.
  • Easy processing and strength of cedar simplify the construction process and the embodiment of original ideas in life.
  • The material does not rot even in climates with high humidity.
  • The richness of textures and shades of cedar wood.

Make your dreams of a perfect home a reality

If typical projects are not for you, you can always order a felling on an individual project, on which the team of professionals of the Bear Log Company will work. We take into account the latest trends, the wishes of the customer, we try to apply the most practical solutions that will increase the comfort of the client even after years.

You can choose log size, felling technologyinterior trim. Your accommodation will be not only comfortable, reliable, but also unique.

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