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House manual cabin turnkey

Manual chopping of houses: price, choice of materials

large-diameter cedarA turnkey house is a unique structure, in which the texture of wood is preserved. Unlike rounded logs, a log cabin is more expensive in cost, but it has an improved structure, since it preserves the natural upper layer of wood.

When choosing a log house should take into account its quality. The most worthy logs are obtained from the forest of the northern latitudes of the winter felling. Compared with the southern tree, it is more durable to temperatures and has better moisture resistance and thermal insulation properties. The reason for this is more severe climatic conditions that slow the natural growth of the trunk. As a result, the same number of logs accounts for a larger number of annual rings.

The bulk of the logs on the market are conifers, in particular, pine. This is due to the enhanced structure and is associated with the properties of the resin. But not every tree is suitable for use for the construction of a premium-class hand-cut house.

The material is selected and sorted, resulting in only qualitative and healthy trees without defects, flaws and rot. The percentage of unusable logs may be 60 - 70%.

The blanks have a different diameter, which is caused not only by the aesthetic appearance of the house, but also by the region of its location and purpose. For example, in southern latitudes, the optimal parameters are 220 - 240 mm, whereas in northern ones the diameter is usually larger than 240 mm, but for a summer house a forest with smaller parameters is quite suitable. Use trees of different species. So the larch log-house is not inferior to coniferous in price and quality.

Professional approach to construction

Even top-quality selected and treated wood is not a guarantee of a comfortable life in the house. About 50% of success depends on the craftsmen who will be engaged in manual chopping and making a felling in bowls and grooves. This is a fairly time-consuming process, requiring accuracy and time, so the price for manual chopping of houses is corresponding.

There are several types of felling: in a bowl, in a paw, on the Norwegian, Canadian equipment, under bast and a plane. The most common - Russian, Canadian and Norwegian bowls. Our masters own all of the listed techniques perfectly, which allows you to implement the most complex projects.

Construction of a turnkey house consists of:

  • foundation creation;
  • external wall assemblies;
  • roof roofing;
  • flooring;
  • interfloor overlap;
  • installation of windows and doors;
  • installation of communications;
  • wall decoration.

At the request of the customer we offer design development, layout and placement of furniture. The final price of the house from a log house depends on the area, finishing materials, individual wishes.

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