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Building a house on the original technology Post Beam

Canadian technology Post and Beam warm homes

Homes Post End Beam

At the end of the twentieth century, Canadians invented a house using the Post and Beam technology. If translated into Russian, it means "posts and beams." The original technology includes the best elements of architectural developments of the Germans, French and Scandinavians.

The technology of the Post and Beam house has been used in Europe for nearly a hundred years. Canada, on the other hand, modernized the method, focusing on the cold climate of North America. This is what helped to create homes that are more protected from heavy snow and wind. This is a very important factor for the cold expanses of our country.

Frame and log houses Post and Beam have high strength characteristics and unusual shape design. You can create both classic and modern construction. The territory of Russia is notable for its harsh climate, therefore, Canadian technology is popular in our latitudes. Construction is fast, and the construction of the log house extends the operation of the house for decades. Visually, it is easy to see the main focus of the building: round logs on the frame of the house. Usually they make insulating lining to save additional heat.

The benefits of the construction of the Canadian method:

  • the shortest possible lines of the building construction, which distinguishes it from the construction of a brick house;
  • large-scale architectural idea, the ability to make panoramic windows and large spans;
  • high rates of thermal insulation and energy saving of the house from cedar using Canadian technology;
  • the space in the frame can be filled with any building material;
  • the method of building a house leaves room for the modernization of living space in the future.

Features of the construction of the house Post and Beam

We use quality materials for building and beam constructions. These are usually logs of cedar or larch. It is better to take cedar logs.

The Post and Beam technology is built on the basis of thick beams, which allow the use of increased thermal insulation of the structure. This method allows you to glaze the house as much as possible today. After all, everyone loves to admire the beautiful views of nature, without leaving home. Finishing the indoor unit opens up a lot of room for the implementation of the original design solutions. Excellent taste of the owner of the house will emphasize an extraordinary log house.

The impressive experience of the company Bear Log - good houses made of cedar guarantee the pace of construction and the absence of flaws. To order construction, call + 7 902 9966727. We will tell all the details you are interested in. For more information about building houses, you can on another page. home post and bim.