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Canadian homes

Canadian homes

House of Canadian cedar in Moscow

Recently, we had a unique opportunity to participate in the construction of a house from the Canadian cedar in subcontractingone of the leaders of wooden housinga Canadian company Pioneer Log Homes of BC. This is a company with a long history of building canadian cedar log houses around the world. The experience gained in working together to build a chopped house made of Canadian cedar, as well as personal and professional relationships with Canadians allows us to offer you chopped cedar houses directly in Canada and Canadian cutters.

Houses made of red Canadian cedar

As a material for a log house, a log of red Canadian cedar is used. This is a unique tree that grows as a rule in British Columbia, one of the regions of Canada. This is where the production site of Pioneer Log Homes of BC is located.

Wood of Canadian cedar is a unique building material for building a wooden house. High heat capacity, easy processing, the highest resistance to rot - these are the factors that distinguish the houses from the red Canadian cedar. A distinctive feature of the house is a red Canadian cedar - a unique smell that comes from the logs. The technology of Canadian is fundamentally different from Russian. Splitting a house into a Saddle notch is much easier on the one hand than in the Russian one, and at the same time more technologically.

Benefits of a made Canadian cedar house

We will not go into the technological details of cutting logs, they can interest specialists. We can say one thing, that in Russia we are cutting logs - this is a craft, and they have a production cycle in Canada.

  • Each step, each stage, each movement during the construction of a Canadian chopped house is strictly regulated and has exact physical indicators and characteristics. The methods and technologies used in the construction of houses made of Canadian cedar are described by the International Association of Builders for Chopped Houses (ILBA, Canadian GOST), and are based on the hundred-year experience of hundreds of other Canadian and American companies, and are requiredPioneer Log homes of BC,(although such masters as in Pioneer log homes of BC, of ​​course have their secrets accumulated over many years of construction of chopped houses).
  • A person who ordered a house of red Canadian cedar, directly in Canada, can be assured on 100% that his house will be warm for the next hundred years! will not require any emergency measures or other sudden surprises.
  • No less important factor is that when choosing a company to chop your house is that in fact there are not many companies in Russia that can build a large area from 100 m1000 and more with short 2% quality, but also a house from a large diameter cedar log of a large area.
  • The technology of assembling the log on the bases of the red Canadian cedar allows you to collect the order of 60-70 m3 logs per day. That is, a house house with a volume of 400-500 m3 can be collected in just 7 days. I think quite a few Russian companies can do so. This greatly saves the customer's money.
  • The perfection of the performance by Canadian carpenters of all the details and connections in the hallway. We are sure you will not find a single clue when examining a wooden frame.

Make an order for a house builded into a Canadian notch

Our experience and capabilities allow you to choose and order a house builded into a Canadian notch in Canada. Then the house will be disassembled, transported to Russia and we will assemble it on your foundations.

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