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Houses made of larch. From Siberia from the manufacturer of log cabins

Houses made of larch. The strongest timber for the construction of log

Larch houses are popular not only in recent decades. In former times, fortresses were built from it in Siberia. And now the majority of Customers of wooden houses want the lower crown to be made of larch.

Houses made of larch. Advantages and disadvantages

Larch is quite strong and reliable, but at the same time its processing is not easy. The main advantages of the house of larch include:

  • soft cream and red shades of wood, as well as clearly visible texture of the logs make wooden houses of larch a good example of aesthetics;
  • it is absolutely eco-friendly and safe for humans;
  • larch is not afraid of moisture, does not lose its properties when it is in constant contact with water or steam, precipitation;
  • wood is saturated with resin, therefore it does not attract pests.

However, larch has its drawbacks as compared to cedar wood.

  • Because of the large weight of the tree, more machines will be needed to transport the log house. In one wagon will enter no more 22 m3 log house elements, and cedar 35 m3.
  • Larch houses are less warm than cedar or pine.

Larch log cabin

Felling logs from larch for home or bath harder than cedar. Larch, albeit durable, but at the same time, more prone to chipping and cracking. Therefore, when designing a house made of larch, this factor should be taken into account, and when cutting a log house, be careful when choosing logs for beams and skates.

The price of a larch log house in Moscow will be the same as for cedar. More complete information on prices for larch and cedar log houses

The company Bear log - offers to buy a log house of larch on the following conditions:

  • "on the wagon" - on our production site in Siberia with loading into trucks for transportation;
  • "on the foundations" - we will deliver and assemble a log cabin and your foundations anywhere in Russia.
  • "under the roof" - with the installation of a truss system.

Larch timber

Due to its strength characteristics, resistance to rotting, larch timber is in demand not only as wall material for building a house from larch timber. Larch plank is used as a floor lag, interfloor ceiling beams.

In addition to chopped logs, you can buy edged lumber - timber or larch plank.

Buy a house made of larch from the manufacturer of log cabins

The company Bear log know the specifics of each wood species and its processing technology. This allows you to maximize the advantages and smooth the disadvantages of different wood species.

Buying a house from larch from the company - manufacturer of log cabins from Siberia at a bargain price, you make an investment in your future!