Cedar log bath house from Siberian manufacturer

Cedar log bath houses

Building log baths for lovers of steam!

Any bath houses built of logs will be special. This is because the Siberian pine (Russian Cedar) grows only in Siberia`s mount. And we are not polluted by nature, we’re not too polluted by nature.

There are so many bath projects. Both big and small. Someone needs a bath, sometimes sometimes a cottage. Someone wants to improve his bath of sneakers. We want you to go down any bath. It is important that it is important for you!

Sizes of steam room, washing room, rest room? Is it a toilet? I like the steam room? Is there a terrace or veranda at the bath? For us it is very important! After all, we will have a bathhouse, which you represent.

Price for a bath house of cedar

The price of a cedar bath will consist of several components:

  • Prices for the draft bath. We will make you a draft of the log house.
  • Prices for foundations for cedar baths
  • Prices for log cabin baths of cedar. The price is logged in Siberia, and it’s not a problem.
  • Prices for materials and work for roof installation
  • The cost of finishing materials and works
  • prices of engineering solutions for life support.

Cedar bath house under the key

We are ready to build a bath house for you. You need to be able to find out what you are going to do. The construction of the bath. We are ready to take a turnkey cedar bath.

Buy bath cedar houses

It’s time to fill out an application. If you have received this application, you will need to make it. pay to get a turnkey cedar bath.

You can order designing wooden logs bath house if you want

Houses build from large logs. Unique and special!

Houses build from large logs

Cedar is our advantage.

It is uniquely exclusive to make it possible to express your feelings and abilities! Only connoisseurs of life!

It makes it possible to pick up a house on a large scale, or even a huge diameter log of larch, Angarsk pine or cedar. It is not necessary to get expensive breeding.

Large diameter log houses

For carpenters. Special tools and equipment that are not used in a regular hacker. And of course, a large diameter log, of course, cannot be cut down without such a large log!

Not all company has a log house and a wooden logs. For the concept of the logs from the logs, it is possible to reduce the size of the logs or even more reaches.

You can’t reach for the diameter of more than a meter.

Look at the photo of the cedar which is already nearing completion. We can start hacking your house very soon!

The price of the house from a large log

It will be a lot more. Why not understand it! 6 meter and height of 1 meter. For building such a wall:

  • From the 28 log line, see the diameter of the 4 row of logs, which will be using 1,8 m3 of logs.
  • From the 54 log line, see the diameter of the 2 row of logs, which will be using 3,3 m3 of logs.

Therefore, 2-3 times higher!

Homes on the page large log house price, or visit our home page with price calculator for building log home

Construction wooden handcrafted log homes

Construction wooden handcrafted log homes

Handcrafted log homes and cabins.

If you want to make it, you can take it a step.

It is a house in the city center. However, for most people, the house of the house has been encountered once in a lifetime. Use this one chance at 100%.

Where we live and chop log houses in Siberia, where taiga cedar and Siberian larch grow. We have been able to take care of the harvest.

The natural beauty of the handcrafted logs, the healing properties of cedar wood -

It is a process of financial support, and actual construction. Before advancing a few points about the construction.

Dream House with Bear Log Homes

It is important to ensure that it is important to ensure that it is important to ensure that it meets the requirements of every step of the construction. It is worth it.

The team will always turn into reality.

Fill out the request form construction log cabin cabin

Cedar log houses

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