Cheap Russian log home kits prices. Skill quality of logbuilding

the price of a chopped house depends on the volume of cedar logs and technology of cutting

Price cedar log homes in Siberia (FCA)

If you are on the same day as you are on the road to your house You can find out how you can find out. "Why is it worth it?"

It is impossible!

It's like asking a car dealer: "How much will a car with an 1,8 engine?"

The price consists of several very important components, such as:

  1. Volume of logs, which depends on the following factors:
  • the amount of walls and partitions in the house;
  • height of walls;
  • the presence of gables;
  • diameter of the log.
  1. Properties and properties of the log
  • availability of lengthy logs, more than 6-meters;
  • the slogans and posts.
  1. Lognotching technology
  2. Log processing degrees
  3. Items to your foundations.

If you are planning on a customer account

Below you can see cost of a standard building of log cabin for FCA Moscow condition:







Post and beam


style (Laft)


EU / m3


EU / m3


EU / m3


EU / m3


EU / m3

Labor and materials included in the log house price

  • debarked by eder or braid;
  • antiseptic tips and notches during crafting
  • the level of the roof slope;
  • design of doors and windows openings;
  • marking, disassembling, loading of the elements of the kits in trucks;
  • home assembly kit on your foundations

Labor and materials not included in the log house price

  • unlimited access to the customer;
  • insulation Flax, jute, moss, sheep wool, halofiber or other.

Terms of payment for building log cabin

As a rule, we break all the work into the 3 phase,

  1. Building log cabin in Siberia
  2. Delivery Log cabin to your site
  3. Assemby a log house on your foundations

You, watching the progress of work, pay them in stages.

Building log cabin in Siberia

Log carriage

Assembly a log house on foundations


advance payment


when build the first row;


at the finish.

The Carrier

at the time when log cabin is ready for shipment.


advance payment before starting assembly;


at the finish assebled of the log house.

Custom log home prices.

If you’re looking for something to do with it, Customer.

  • Log house with 50 cm or more 360 EU / m3

For example, it’s not a problem.

Russian log cabin

Wooden Russian cabin from the Siberian company are inexpensive, strong and reliable. For cabin years! You can make sure you’ve made it to the Siberia in Sayanogorsk.