Where does cedar grow? In Siberia, of course!

Cedar is a coniferous tree. Botanical name - Siberian Pine (Pinus Sibirica). Please do not confuse with Pine (Pinus Silvestris) common throughout the world. These are two completely different and unlike wood species. His name is KEDR, it should be bestowed to Peter 1.

You can learn more about cedar from this short video.

There are always yellowish-pink color and constantly distinguished delicate aroma.

Medicinal properties of Siberian cedar

Siberian cedar is a tree-pharmacist. Many useful properties of cedar has long been used by man. For millennia, they faithfully serve man. A man transforms cedar nut, pitch, and even cedar needles into miraculous medicines.

There is a clear view of the phytoncides cedar wood that is in the air. In Siberia, there is no less gadflies and gadflies.

Technological properties and application of Siberian cedar wood

The wood has a straight, even and uniform texture. These properties of Siberian cedar contribute to carpenters.

  • in the manufacture of furniture
  • Kitchen utensils
  • a covering board for baths and saunas
  • making carvings.

Wooden houses from Siberian cedar logs

There are high thermal insulation properties. Team of logs wooden house or a log house and Baths houses from a log cedar diameter up to 1 meter and up to 12 meters.

Cedar is considered the royal tree. Having a house built of cedar is prestigious! An old Russian proverb says:

In the forest to have fun, and in the cedar god to pray.