Wooden houses from the manufacturer - Bear log homes

Why not buy it in the company the Bear log!

Home and bath.

Logs for manufacrure of log cabins

We live and work in Siberia, where there is a growing cedar and larch. Therefore, we have the opportunity to choose the best logs. This is especially noticeable during building.

  • houses in wild style;
  • with different lengths of ends;
  • at construction of houses on the Post & Beam technology;
  • where beams and posts with "species", pronounced butt end are required.
  • We can also prepare logs of non-standard length up to 12 meters.

Build cabin from 50 cm.

Team building professionals

Over the years of fruitful work, we have formed wooden housing construction team. Architects and designers, architects and designers, architects and designers,

We’ve gotten a lot of experience in building 70 in various styles using various technologies.

We own all lognotching technologies.

Made of houses made according to standards.

With 2013, we actively apply the techniques and standards recommended by the International Association of Wooden Housing (ILBA).

We’ve been subcontracted by the Canadian company. xanx mxnumx During the construction of a large area.

Logistics from turn to delivery!

Cedar log houses from the manufacturer. Log cabins in Russia

The Company is more than 5-hectares. The site is equipped with:

  • 45 m and 35 meters.
  • Two crane beams 18 meters wide and 42 length each meter.
  • 1 X500 mxnumx for cutting log cabins using the Indoor workshop

10 buildings at the same time. Not every manufacturer has such well equipped work yard in siberia.