Carved posts and wooden house

Facade carved wooden pillars These designs can be used to design fences, terraces, porch and wooden stairs. Made from natural wood, they emphasize their space and comfort.

Types and features of wooden posts

Here you can buy carved pillars from the manufacturer. We make products according to individual design, we work with standard projects. As materials, we use only a natural array of good density and proper drying. It will not make any difference.

The advantages of natural wood poles:

  • environmental friendliness - do not contain substances;
  • durability - they are not afraid of water, fungus, exposure to pests;
  • ideal for decorating houses;
  • wide design possibilities;
  • spectacular appearance - they look beautiful, solid, expensive.

It can be seen that it is possible to transform the interior of the house. They can be made in the form of balustrades, covered with patina, give them a configuration. Our possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

The price of carved wooden posts

The size and complexity of the design used. The price of such products is also influenced by the following factors:

  • type of decorative trim;
  • complexity of design and cutting;
  • wood grade.

You can find out how to get online. We will make a lot of miscalculation and after agreeing on the budget.

Buy carved supporting pillars in the company of Bear Log homes- good cedar houses

Working for wood for many years. Here you can purchase carved pillars of any design, with and without tinting. We guarantee all our customers:

  • 100% quality;
  • affordable prices;
  • production efficiency.

It is made up for you to make it up.