There is a difference between man and nature. It has been shown that it’s not a problem. sculpture or Root Plastics Product finished look.

Root plastics as art

Human hands become real masterpieces. It can be noted that they can be an artist. It is a flair, a three-dimensional and a figurative vision.


For products using different parts of the tree:

  • It is determined by the breed and growing conditions. So, it’s particularly bizarre.
  • Tree branches have many natural curves. A variety of decorative elements and statues look very harmonious.
  • The trunks of trees. Plastics are forks and specimens with growth of development and development. Very often used as supporting elements of large objects.
  • It is a cap on the growth of roots or boughs. It is a set of lignified buds. It is appreciated by amateurs and the bizarre forms and complexity of the relief. Cambium.

Material for products undergoes cleaning and drying. Only after that the master starts to work. Usually used hardwood root processing processing technologies does not require.

Root plastics products

This is a chalet from the country or ethnic style. Especially appropriate they will look in cedar log houses, this natural material from gigantic trees.

Made in the technique of decoying of the corners and chopped parts, however, like everything in nature. It is distinguished by graceful curves, expressiveness and uniqueness of forms. This is always the author and exclusive work. For terraces and gazebos, for recreation areas, cedar baths houses on a personal plot or giving. Sometimes it is used for the interior decoration

Root plastics products are endowed with special energy. They bring the tree into the house and bring special comfort.