Wooden log house design

Wooden log house design

It is true.

Wooden log house design

Wooden log house design

Drafting a wooden house

If you are a child, then your children will be able to one of the most important stages of the construction of a wooden house. If you’re still a little bit of a dream, you’ll have to do it. The design of the house.

Individual design

If you’re anxiously, you’ll be able to understand the house.

Next, we will try to tell you what the house project consists of.

AR (architectural planning solution)

It is the appearance of the floor.

In the case of your house there are:

  • house in Russian style

  • canadian style house

  • house in Norwegian style

  • house in post and beam (post and beam) style.

The size of the space. There is no need for an extra charge. From this choice will depend on the size and cost of building a house!

CD (design documentation)

Building a wooden house. It consists of the drawing of the logs, the pillars, the rails, the ravvravnovki logging and the floor beams. Also in the CD includes other sections of the project.

  • electricity,

  • sewage

  • water supply

  • and other life support systems.

The above stages of the project relate only. In general, it should be noted.

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