Bath log house "Babik"

Bath from the cedar "Babik".

Bath houses from cedar

Bath cedar "Babik"

Characteristics of a log house from a cedar "Babik"

species for log house Siberian cedar
diameter of a cedar log 50 cm or more
lognotcing russian
floor plan 6 x13 meters
log transport (number of trucks) 2 flight

You can buy a bath of cedar by selecting one of the options of sets

in car

Included in the price

  • manufacturing of log cabin (labor and logs);
  • marking of log house before loading;
  • the car cabin
on the foundation

The price includes:

  • works and materials included in the "In the car" package;
  • work and sawn timber for the arrangement of "independent floor";
  • assembly of logs on the foundations of the customer;
  • metal fasteners;
  • log`s insulation;
under the roof

The price includes:

  • Works and materials included in the "On the foundation"
  • work and timber on the device truss system

In the company of a house of a "turnkey" bath. It will depend on the equipment for life support.