Larch log cabin from Siberian log house manufacturer

Larch log houses from Siberian wooden homes and cabins manufacturer

Larch houses are not popular in recent decades. In the former times, the fortresses were built from it in Siberia. In the case of customers, it is lower crown.

Advantages and disadvantages of larch houses

Larch is not easy. The main advantages of larch houses include the following:

  • It is clear that it is clear that it is clear.
  • Larch is absolutely environmentally friendly and safe for human material;
  • It is not clear that there is no contact with water or steam, precipitation;
  • therefore it does not attract pests.

However, larch has no disadvantages as compared to cedar wood.

  • Because of the large weight, more logging trucks will be needed.
  • Larch houses are less warm than cedar or pine.

Larch log cabin

Logbuilding larch homes harder than cedar. Larch, although it is more durable, is it prong to chipping and cracking. This should not be taken into account, however, this should be taken into account.

The same as for cedar. Log houses prices

The Bear Log Homes - offers to buy a log house on the following conditions:

  • "loaded in the truck" - log cabin FCA Siberia;
  • "assembled on the foundations".
  • "under the roof" - with the installation of a roofing system.

Larch timber

Resistance to decay, larch timber. Larch plank is used in quality - floor lag, floor decking beams.

In addition to handcrafted log cabin, you can buy edged wood lumber - timber or larch plank.

Buy a house made from larch at Siberian manufacturer of log cabins

Bear log homes for sale. It makes it possible to maximize the shortcomings of different types of wood.

If you are a manufacturer of cabins from Siberia at a reasonable price, you must make an investment!