Log Post and Beam. Construction technology frame homes

Log Post and Beam Houses

Post and bim. Wooden house

Post and Beam (pillar and beam). Built quite recently. It was immediately noticed due to the non-standard appearance. Although if you look closely, you can find it in almost every village.

Post and Beam technology

It is a frame of logs, it is a farm house.

Behind the wall posts and the beams, the walls are filled. It is also possible to insulate and trimmed with materials, such as logging, imitation of logs, unedged boards, shingles or shingles - paste on the wall or tile.

Post and beam technology pluses

Frame-built log houses And practically have no flaws.

  • The frame and log structure is not stable;
  • post and beam houses;
  • 6 meters, it is much less length than the size of the logs;
  • It is enough that you can make it a lot.

The structure of the beam with a chopped log. It will not be a subject.

Post and Beam projects

The House of the House and the House of the House It is not only the structure of the frame and the log structure. All the elements of the Post and the Beam house.

Houses Post and Beam

It would be your choice. The construction of the Post and the Beam house requires more than a chopped house. But it requires a lot of higher qualification.

It makes it possible to take cares of the large large large large large.