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Wooden sculpture of wood chainsaw

Wood sculpture

Carving chainsaw wood sculpture.

Wooden sculpture is a classic, time-tested. This is a modern solution for the interior of a country house or restaurant, pub. The carving of a chainsaw by a wooden sculpture to order will allow to arrange the house territory in an original way, because a wooden carved sculpture is always a good and memorable element in landscape design.

Why it is worth buying sculptures from a tree:

  • Made of natural material.
  • They are rich in texture and beauty of natural wood.
  • Durable, resistant to different weather conditions.
  • Differ in a huge variety of styles and manufacturing techniques.
  • An opportunity to order a sculpture of any size and subject.
  • Exclusive interior and street decoration.

A variety of wooden sculptures

Wood sculptureModern wooden sculpture can be performed in different styles: from intentionally coarse chopped technology using only chainsaws, to elegant, refined forms. Original wooden sculptures of a chainsaw. They are traditionally voluminous, impressive sizes. Attract attention precisely because of its massiveness.

The tree does not limit the masters in the choice of subjects. Customers can order wooden sculptures of animals, man, women. This can be an original gift for your beloved wife for an anniversary or making a sculpture in the spirit of an institution. For example, in many restaurants and country residences animals are mentioned in the names. You can order a sculpture of a bear, fox, elk, boar or other symbol of your institutions.

Where to buy wooden sculptures

Wooden garden sculpture is one of the activities of our company, which specializes in the construction of houses made of cedar and larch logs. We produce high-quality and durable log buildings from 2006. For many years of experience, we have mastered all modern forest cutting techniques. Designing and creating log houses and baths from cedar, we select the best logs for construction.

Having perfectly mastered the technology of working with a log house, the Bear Log Company laid the foundation for new directions. One of them - unique wooden sculptures for the garden. The price of wooden sculptures depends on their parameters and the complexity of execution, detail of the figure.

Why it is worth ordering sculptures in our company:

  • Excellent quality work.
  • A variety of works.
  • We perform filigree carving on sculptures.
  • The creation of sculptures exclusively from CDR and larch.
  • Our chainsaw sculptors are able to create according to any wishes of the client.
  • Purchase of wooden sculptures from the manufacturer without intermediaries.