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Florentine mosaic made of wood. A unique painting "Sands" from Siberian wood cuts.

The wooden painting "Sands" is made in the creative workshop of the company Bear Log - good houses made of cedar.

  • The thickness of the blank for the mosaic - the saw cut from wood is only 10 mm.
  • Only natural wood color (no dyes).
  • The hard work to create a mosaic, the size of a meter per meter takes up to one month.
  • The total length of the perimeter of all elements in a square meter of mosaic made of wood can reach up to 800 meters
Unique wooden painting "Sands" from wood cuts using the technique of Florentine mosaic
Look at some elements of a close-up of the wooden picture "Sands" from the wood cuts made using the technique of Florentine mosaic
Painting size: 135 cm x 85 cm
Price: 125 000 rubles