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Carved wooden bear

The national symbol of the Russian people, the bear, has long been embodied in wooden sculpture. The owner of the forest is made by hand, so carved wooden bears have their own individuality. A sculptor in wood in the company of Medvezhey Log - good houses made of cedar, Roman Mazhayev puts a lot of effort into putting his soul into this hard work. You will not find two completely identical figures.

Wooden sculpture of a bear, where to put

A wooden bear sculpture can be decorated with:

  • National parks;
  • recreation parks;
  • household plots;
  • territories of kindergartens and schools;
  • cafes and restaurants.

Any idea, embodied in a tree, gives a special style and charm to the surrounding interior. Thinking through the design of the hotel or hunting lodge, add a national flavor that can accentuate a carved wood bear. Lovers of bath procedures will enjoy the wooden sculpture of a bear standing in the relaxation room or at the entrance to the bath.

How can a carved bear be depicted

Wooden carved bearIf you decide to order a sculpture, you need to decide on the size. Look good figures in full size. But despite this, the growth of the bear can be different, as well as in nature. You might want to use it as a decoration, a teddy bear, or a whole family. Think of the place where you put it, and where it will look harmonious. An important role, and perhaps the main one, is played by the form in which the carved bear will be: stand, sit, lie down, or walk slowly. Also, a bear can be depicted in a variety of guises, for example:

  • with a barrel of honey;
  • with a tray on which you can put something;
  • in the form of a waiter, with a towel over his paw;
  • with a musical instrument (for example, with an accordion);
  • with kuzovku behind his shoulders, in which the girl Masha sits (the plot from a fairy tale);
  • in the form of prop pillars.

The project of the future sculpture is first drawn on paper and agreed with the customer. If necessary, add or remove some items. You can choose the wood type and color of the coating. Pay attention to the section "carved wood bear photo". Having extensive experience in making figures, we collected a collection of our works. You can learn something interesting for yourself, since fantasy can be limitless.

The price of a carved wooden bear

The price of a handmade bear depends on:

  • wood species;
  • material - solid log or re-glued;
  • size;
  • paint coating;
  • the complexity of drawing details of the structure of the bear.

We will tell the exact cost after a small clarification after a phone call.

Typically, the cost consists of three components - the size of the log for sculpture, the cost of work and delivery.

To understand the price order - a carved bear with a height of 2 meter, made of jealous with a diameter of 60-70 cm will cost in Moscow and the region about 70 000 rubles.

If you like a carved bear made of wood, it will not be difficult to buy it. An experienced master bring your ideas to life.